Special Bull & Female Sale Listings

Special Bull & Female Sale - Saturday, March 27, 2021

Location: Edna Livestock Auction 1543 HWY 111 North Edna, Texas 77957
Time: 12 NOON

Bull Group 1 - Photos Available
5~2 year old Registered Charolois bulls A herd building set of reputation bulls that will last a long time and make highly marketable calves.

Bull Group 2 - Photos Available
8 registered Charolois bulls

Bull Group 3 - Photos Available 
10~2 year old Red Brangus bulls very nice set of bulls all raised on the gulf coast.

Bull Group 4 - Photos Available 
2~2 year old Brahman bulls Very nice set of home raised Brahman bulls.

Bull Group 5 - Photos Available 
6~coming 2 year old commercial Brahman bulls All raised locally acclimatized to South Texas and are very gentle to handle in every way. An all around good set.

Bull Group 6 - Photos Available 
2~ 2 year old registered Brangus bulls - Salacoa valley Brangus bulls that are as nice as they come!

Bull Group 7 - Photos Available 
3~2 year old Commercial Brahman bulls

Bull Group 9 - Photos Available 
1 black Hereford bull
1 Gert bull

Bull Group 10 - Photos Available 
1 Charolois cross bull Bull Group 11 1 Registered Beefmaster bull

Bull Group 8
8 registered Charolois bulls

Bull Group 11 
1 Registered Beefmaster bull

Female Group 1 - Photos Available
25~F1 Braford heifers. Very nice set of heifers that would make a great asset to anyone’s herd or would make a nice group of show heifers for a fair project. All of these heifers will be grouped into uniform sets.

Female Group 2 - Photos Available
9~Golden Certified F1 Braford open heifers.

Female Group 3 - Photos Available
15~3/4 blood heifers heavy breds and pairs coming to Edna TX!.

Female Group 4 - Photos Available
2~Brahman heifer pairs
25~F1 Braford and Brahman cross heifers heavy breds and pairs! Front pasture Reputation cattle that will last you a long time and raise big calves. Online bidding powered by DVauction.com.

Female Group 5 - Photos Available
25~F1 Braford open heifers all out of Hereford cows and standup Brahman bulls ready for the bull of your choice!
2~ 7/8 Brahman heifers!.

Female Group 6 - Photos Available
Rocky Bottom Cattle Co. Herd Dispersal!
20~3-6 year old Simmental/Angus cows heavy breds and pairs!
10~4-6 year old Registered Angus cows heavy breds and pairs!

Female Group 7 - Photos Available
50 true half blood Akaushi 2 year old heifer pairs coming to Edna TX. All calves sired by Heartbrand Akaushi bulls and qualify for the Heartbrand buy back program. The heifers are all ranch raised on the Texas Gulf coast and handle horseback, footback, and with feed. This nice set of heifers will all be pairs by sale day!

Female Group 8 - Photos Available
10 Red mot heifers heavy breds and pairs!

Female Group 9 - Photos Available
6~F1 Braford heifers exposed to Angus bulls.

Female Group 10 - Photos Available
3~solid tiger heifers exposed to Angus bulls!
2~ Brangus heifers heavy bred will be pairs by sale day.

Female Group 11 - Photos Available
34~ Open Brangus heifers.
4 black angus certified f1....open avg 825 lbs.
1 tigerstripe golden certified.... 1100lbs exposed angus bull.

Female Group 12 - Photos Available
50~3-6 year old Brangus cows HB-Pairs!

Female Group 13 - Photos Available
The cow making kind! 8~Brahman heifers bred 4-7 months to Hereford or Brahman bulls. 7~Brahman heifers AI’d 60 days ago to Reg LBW Angus bulls and cleaned up with LBW Angus bulls coming to Edna TX!

Female Group 14 - Photos Available
The kind you have been looking for! 40~F1 Braford heifers bred 4-7 months to Brangus bulls coming to Edna TX!

Female Group 15 - Photos Available
The kind that will last and make your money green! 16~F1 Brangus 2-4 year old pairs! 7~F1 Brangus heifers heavy bred! 3~F1 Brangus heifers open coming to Edna TX!

Female Group 16 - Photos Available
Got milk? 5~2 and 3 year old Holsteins bred to angus bulls!

Female Group 17 - Photos Available
10~Brangus and Angus plus heifers bred 5-7 months to angus bulls !

Female Group 18 - Photos Available
10 Braford cows 3-6 year olds heavy breds and pairs! 25~South Texas red cows heavy breds and pairs. 10 Brahman cross cows bred to Charolais or brangus bulls to calf in the fall

Female Group 19 - Photos Available
4~fancy open Brahman heifers!

Female Group 20 - Photos Available
5~Charolais open heifers

Female Group 21 - Photos Available
3~F1 Braford heifers bred 8 months to Brahman or Hereford bulls.

Female Group 22 - Photos Available
Top notch 4~F1 Braford heifer pairs

Female Group 23 - Photos Available
3 Santa gertrudis 3 year old heavy bred and pairs

Female Group 24 - Photos Available
3~Registered Brahman heifers and cows coming to Edna TX! Great quality and genetics! 3~3/4 Brahman heifers bred 6 months to Reg Angus bull!

Female Group 25 - Photos Available
4~F1 Braford heifers open would make a great set of show heifers!